Commercial Garden Design in Jamestown

First impressions are everything. Once you’ve won your clients over with your business services, the next step is keeping their business––that includes maintaining the image of success that brought them to you in the first place and that is with a well-designed garden landscape.

No matter your domain, keeping the green space around your property well-kept can increase the value of your business. Sterling Lawn & Landscape offers a full range of garden design services that can transform your commercial property and enhance your curb appeal to potential clients. Call us today to find out more!

Custom Commercial Gardens in Jamestown

Manicured gardens and lawns are often overlooked in commercial spaces, but having a custom-made garden sets you up for success. Making sure your outdoor space is inviting and beautiful shows your clients that you’re ready to do business.

At Sterling Lawn & Landscape, we dedicate ourselves to making your garden grow, so your business can too. Our garden planners provide custom design and installation for every aspect of your commercial space, from water features to blooms and shrubbery.

Sterling Lawn & Landscape’s Landscape Design Installation and Maintenance

After you go through the motions to achieve that perfect garden, keeping it well-maintained will be integral to your space. For the busy business owner, our local landscaping maintenance services are a great way to keep your property looking its best.

Our local landscapers can give you the rundown of how to keep your space maintained, or we can set up a customized garden maintenance schedule based on your needs.

We want your garden to thrive well past its installation. Our maintenance services include:

  • Soil Cultivation
  • Professional Weeding
  • Edging Garden Beds
  • Raking and Mulching
  • Shrub and Hedge Pruning
  • Fertilizer Application

Local Landscapers Provide Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping your commercial property at its best is a big job that requires a lot of attention and regular scheduling. Your business’s exterior provides your clients with their first impression, no matter the season.

Our local landscapers offer seasonal maintenance schedules, so your business is covered all year long.

Our crew will clear all paths, parking lots and sideways of leaves and debris, keep your garden beds clean and looking sharp, and ensure your grass is kept trimmed, away from curbs, buildings and other landscape features. Call today to set up your garden maintenance schedule!

Green Garden Design

If you’re looking to improve your company’s sustainability, consider investing in one of our custom green roofs. Maintaining a proper green roof reduces energy consumption, improves air quality in Jamestown and promotes water conservation – perfect for commercial property owners that are looking for ways to make their business eco-friendly.

Our long-standing commitment to creating sustainable commercial landscapes makes us uniquely qualified to refurbish your existing roof. Go green and turn your roof into a lush, beautiful and environmentally friendly space.

Keep Your Business Thriving with Commercial Garden Design

Our landscape architects’ partner with you, to take the vision you have for your business, and develop it into a carefully designed landscape plan. As a full-service commercial garden design company, Sterling Lawn & Landscape fully develops your space for you.

Putting your trust in our garden planners means your business’s property will receive the same care and devotion you put into your clients. Call us today at (401) 225-4057 to help your client relationships thrive.