Hydroseeding in Jamestown

Sterling Lawn & Landscape is proud to offer our comprehensive hydroseeding services to the businesses and residents of Jamestown. If your dream for your property is a lush, green lawn in a short amount of time, and you want to do it all without breaking the bank, then the best option for your lawn is hydro grass.

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Hydroseeding: As Cost-Effective as it Is Exciting!

This kind of undertaking starts with a visit from one of our experienced soil analysis technicians. We come and take a sample of soil on your property, so we can send it to our lab. After we run our necessary tests, we get a detailed analysis of the needs of your soil, which helps us put together a perfectly calibrated slurry mixture for your property. Hydroseeding looks like magic, when in reality it’s the result of our detail-oriented and forward-thinking landscaping science.

We whip up the perfect combination of soil stabilizers, water, soil amendments, grass seed, fertilizer, and hydroseeding mulch to ensure that germination starts the second your mix hits the ground.

We’ve hacked the biology of nature to bring you a natural lawn in a fraction of the time of traditional seeding. In a matter of days, a gorgeous lawn will spring to life on your property. Not bad for a process that costs a fraction of a sodded lawn!

Aftercare Tips from Your Hydroseeding Experts

Like any natural process, the exact growth process of a hydro grass lawn can’t be predicted perfectly. We’ve made the process as exact as it can be, but the success of your lawn depends on careful aftercare, as well as the whims of mother nature.

A freshly hydroseeded lawn shouldn’t be walked on more than is completely necessary. It might be a good idea to stake off the lawn, or just make sure that everyone around knows that the careful process of germination is happening and shouldn’t be messed with.

When exactly you can start treating your lawn like any other depends on how your unique lawn grows. Keep in touch with your contractor for guidance and understand that your lawn’s needs might be different than the needs of any other. We’ll be happy to make our contractors available to answer any questions you may have.

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Call us today for more information about how to make this amazing process work for your home or business. If you’re more interested in a sodded lawn, don’t hesitate to check out other pages on this website for information about how we can help you with that, too.

Whether your top priority is the unbeatable speed of a sod lawn, or the cost-effectiveness of a hydroseeded lawn, you can trust that the experts at Sterling Lawn & Landscape have the experience and expertise you need for your home or business. Call us today for more information!