Residential Snow Removal in Newport

Sterling Lawn & Landscape knows the unique risks that snow and ice pose to the people of Newport—whether they’re risks to health or safety. Whether you need your driveway cleared so you can rest easy knowing guests with mobility issues won’t be at risk, or so that you can get to work or drop-off the kids at school on-time, Sterling Lawn & Landscape has you covered. Call us to book your snow removal service!

Snow Removal Services in Newport

Being a homeowner, means that you have several tasks, routines and other responsibilities to manage. For a hassle-free winter, hire our team of professional snow removal services. We are proud to offer affordable winter maintenance services for the busy homeowners of Newport.

Our team works hard to ensure safety for you and your family and provides clear, snow-free and ice-free passages.

Whether you require our help for your driveway, walkway, staircase or your tenants’ balconies––we can handle the job.

Benefits of Hiring Sterling Lawn & Landscape’s Snow Removal Team

When you choose to work with our team, you are guaranteed flexible working hours, efficient service and professional customer attention. We have been servicing the area for many years and have established ourselves as reliable, affordable and professional snow removal contractors.

On top of our amazing costs, quality work and dependable team, you will also benefit from complete safety for you, your family, guests and friends, this winter. We use the best equipment for any sized job; whether that requires a tractor, a snow blower, a snow plow or a large truck––we have it all. We will leave your passageways and balconies free of snow and ice. Call today to set up your residential snow removal.

Our Affordable Snow Removal Pricing

Our snow removal costs depend on the conditions of the weather, precipitation and size of your space. For a free estimate, give our specialists a call at (401) 225-4057 to discuss the details of your required service. Our estimates are pretty close to accurate! You can also book an on-site free consultation, where a member of our team will come an assess your property to provide a closer approximation of cost.

All our service costs are competitive. We offer you the best service at the best prices. Call us today for an estimate.

Call Today for Local Snow Removal

Don’t delay—a stress- and injury-free winter needs careful planning! If you need residential snow removal in Newport, give us a call at (401) 225-4057 and let us take care of it for you.

When you choose to hire us, you are choosing a friendly, reliable and local company. Contact a member of our team for a one-time or recurring snow removal service. And stop worrying about the dangers and inconveniences of snow and ice this winter!