Weed Control in Newport

America’s varied climate and green spaces are one of the best and most beautiful things about the country. At Sterling Lawn & Landscape, we’ve worked hard to bring Newport a team of experts who are proud to bring you weed control that works. Below, we’ve gathered some information about the benefits of a weed-free lawn, as well as some of the financial and personal risks of an improperly maintained ecosystem.


Call us today to schedule an assessment or to get started on the path towards a green space that puts the best impression of your home, business, or community space forward. Weeds are inevitable—an ugly lawn isn’t.

Weed Control and Curb Appeal

Weeds are ugly! Any beautiful and well-maintained lawn or other green space should have its weed growth kept to a minimum. The most common weeds have unsightly colors and textures which can clash with an otherwise beautiful home or other building.

Some common weeds sting or have thorns, which can harm anyone who has to wander off of your paved areas for any reason. They can also provide a habitat for biting or stinging insects, which can pose a risk of anything from a painful bite or sting to an allergic reaction.

Studies have shown that the curb appeal of a home can help increase the market value of the home and make it easier to sell. Studies have also shown that a clean-looking and well-maintained lawn can help businesses attract and keep valuable customers.

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Lawn Care and Your Precious Plants

In addition to being unsightly and dangerous, weeds can pose a threat to plants you’ve already planted. Weeds can steal nutrients from expensive and beautiful plants that you or your business have invested in. Weeds are quick-growing and resilient, and even if they have been picked, they can come back quickly if the root systems have not been properly destroyed by a professional who knows what they’re doing. When it comes to your green space or lawn, weed control can mean a significant amount of money being saved over time on replacing dead plants that have been choked out.

Improper weed control can also damage plants that reduce CO2 in the area, which can counteract any attempts by a home or business to help fight climate change and increase oxygen levels in their community. Repeated applications of weed killer can have an effect on the environment if it’s not done properly the first time.

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When it comes to lawn care, companies aren’t always created equal. At Sterling Lawn & Landscape we promise that we’ve worked tirelessly to bring the people of Newport the very best in lawn maintenance. Our professionals have a grasp on the science, art, and labor it takes to make weeds a thing of the past for your home, business, or community space. Let yourself enjoy the outside without the risks that come with out-of-control weeds! Call today.